Download kurulus osman Season 1 Episode 3 with English

Download  kurulus osman Season 1 Episode 3 with English 

In Kurulus Osman Episode three, After Tekfur’s death, the own circle of relatives withinside the fort is a lot grieved. Osman suspects the ladies that they finished Tekfur. Those ladies had been succeeded in taking treasure and relics from Tekfur’s room. And they may be now no longer Christians however Muslims. Sofia asks Tekur’s commanders approximately failing in protective him. Helen tells them that Osman became popping out of Tekfur’s room at that point and that they visit combat with Osman however he defeats them and succeeds in popping out of the fort. Now, they file Yannis towards Osman approximately the incident. Tekfur’s commanders and Sofia plan to kidnap Osman’s relative to compel him to return back out. Dundar Bey and his spouse speak approximately writing a letter to Ertugrul approximately the scenario winning here. But in fact, Dundar Bey isn't always agreed with her.

In Kurulus Osman Episode three, Yannis Efendi, who became reciting the Holy Quran withinside the cave, will become indignant after listening the information approximately Osman. So, there's the information winning anywhere that Osman finished Tekfur. On the opposite side, Osman meets with priest to recognize approximately the ones ladies. Aygul and Burcin speak approximately Osman even as washing clothes, they appear a lot indignant at him. Meanwhile, they may be attacked with the aid of using Sofia’s commanders. Aygul is now kidnaped. Burcin informs Dundar Bey, who's busy discussing the settlement with the Byzantine Empire, approximately the incident.

In Kurulus Osman Episode three, The Beys visit fort and the infantrymen say they'll execute Aygul if Osman will now no longer come out. Dundar Bey meets with Sofia and asks her approximately his daughter. Sofia says that Osman has to show his innocence. So, Osman makes an access here. And the controversy ends with the selection to keep a honest court. The infantrymen take Osman to dungeon. There, commander questions him approximately the execution of Tekfur however Osman transfers this query to him. But commanders go away the mobileular blaming Osman approximately the execution. Sofia and Helen speak approximately Osman that he'll get away from here. They name Theokles to observe Osman after he escapes so that you can locate treasure and sacred relics. Dundar Bey and Bamsi Bey speak approximately Osman. Osman succeeds in popping out of the dungeon with the aid of using locating the important thing withinside the soup and defeating the guards. Now, Theokles is following him. After that Osman, the top Akinji Alp Konur and the opposite Alps speak the fort’s drawings and plans. Efendi Yannis has come to fort. Osman and Theokles bask in a combat and Osman catches him and is derived to recognize approximately his senders.

In Kurulus Osman Episode three, Osman and his Alps are withinside the wooded area and they may be confronted with the aid of using a collection of people. The ladies who stored Osman also are on this group. The ladies ask Osman to return back on my own to recognize approximately the secrets. So they visit a mystery room in which Osman unearths a person anticipating him. Upon asking he involves recognize that he's Edebali. Osman is amazed due to the fact Edebali is one of the pals of his father Ertugrul Ghazi. Osman additionally involves recognize approximately the ladies who's daughter of Edebali, Bala Hatun. Edebali asks Osman if he concurs to be with them. Osman concurs with the situation to recognize all of the secrets. Now what are the ones secrets? Edebali and Osman are speaking approximately which secrets? Will Osman be interested in Bala Hatun? Will Ertugrul come lower back from Konya? All those questions can be replied in Kurulus Osman Episode three (three Bolum).

Kurulus Osman Episode three with English Subtites

Kurulus Osman’s episode three can be on-air on ATV Channel on Wednesday (04-12-2019) in Turkish. The stay streaming of Kurulus Osman Episode three in Turkish may be done with the aid of using Clicking Here. Those who can recognize Turkish can be capin a position to observe Kurulus Osman Episode three even later with the aid of using Clicking Here however ATV Youtube channel add the episode later.


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